Regular Deliveries

I keep a regular order book so customers can have bread delivered once or twice a week (depending on area) without reordering.

Pay in advance by standing order or bank transfer and get a flat rate of £3.00 per loaf.


You can pay four–weekly in advance by card to invoice but because of card fees and administration the standard pricing per loaf applies. 



  • Get deliveries once or twice a week, to an address in any area to which I currently deliver, minimum 1 loaf per week.

  • Start at any time.

  • Weekly, two weekly, four weekly or monthly payment by standing order depending on what's convenient for you; four weekly or more by bank transfer.

  • £3.00 per loaf including delivery for Pain au Levain, Spelt or 100% Rye. 

  • Pricing offer means you can vary which loaves you have to fulfil your order (giving minimum 3 days notice of a change) without altering your payment.

  • Pause or cancel deliveries at any time (with minimum 3 days notice), any credit arising to be carried over or refunded at the end of the month as you choose

  • Add to your order by email or text and settling via secure payment link or bank transfer.


Sign up for Regular Delivery

If you'd like Regular Deliveries email me with 'Regular Deliveries' as the subject line and following information:


  • Your choice and number of loaves per delivery (minimum 1 a week)

  • Tuesday and/or Friday delivery depending on your address.

  • Your address if you haven't ordered before.

  • Your preferred payment method.


I'll check that I deliver to your address on the days requested. Once the order's agreed I'll send a Confirmation pdf with your order details and my bank details for payment.