Ordering and delivery
In brief
  • We bake and deliver twice a week between 10.30am and about 1pm Tuesdays or Fridays depending on area, to pre-paid order via the website.

  • Delivery service only, to Bath east city Tuesdays; to areas east of Bath on Fridays; to Northend Tuesdays and Fridays. Please bear this in mind when choosing a delivery day. At present we do not deliver outside these areas.

  • Due to long dough fermentation, orders can only be placed 3 days or more before your chosen delivery day. 

  • That means orders for Tuesday delivery can be placed until 7.30 pm Saturday evening. Friday delivery orders can be placed until 7.30pm Tuesday evening.

  • Bread is wrapped for contactless delivery soon after it's baked. Loaves will be left by your door or easily accessible clearly designated place.

  • Delivery only between 11am and 2pm Tuesdays and Fridays. Logistics determines when a delivery happens between these times.

  • No cash is taken

  • If you want your bread left in a place other than the usual by the door please give clear instructions under + Special Requests on the order page.

  • No cash can be taken. 

  • Please click on debit/credit card in order to make a secure payment.

  • You will receive an order confirmation

Filling out the order form

  • Please click on a delivery day on the calendar that appears when you click on : For: Specific time

  • The choice of delivery time is an arbitrary requirement of the order form that I can't change. Deliveries start 10.30 am and I aim to finish by 1pm or soon after. So either leave delivery time it as it is (by default it shows the current time of day) or enter a time between 6:30 and 19:30 if you are ordering outside these hours: it simply requires a time between 6:30 and 19:30 in order to proceed.

  • Click on Done

  • Then, after clicking Place Order you can enter your delivery address. 

    • If the form doesn't respond "Nice! – we can deliver ..." it's likely your address isn't on a delivery round for that day of the week; please go back and choose the other.

  • Feel free to ignore delivery details that do not apply eg 'apartment number', 'Floor' etc.

  • Some addresses areas are not recognised by the maps plugin when ordering. This prevents proceeding with an order on the website. If this happens send a text or email to me titled 'Address not recognised' and give your name and delivery address and what you would like. I will make a note of your pending order and respond with instructions for completing your order and paying.

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